Satterberg Construction Corporation's Show Room REVEAL!

2016 came crashing into the party like the proverbial Kool-Aid Man, and we can't believe our launch party for Satterberg Real Estate Group is just around the corner. We've been toiling away planning an epic soiree and itching to show everyone the new location for our Satterberg Construction Corporation show room; right across the street from our launch party venue! (We're strategic like that). 

Not only will guests get a sneak peek of our new showroom digs, we'll also be bringing in interactive pieces that allow each person to create, mix, match and visualize their ideal home design; because there's a little feng shui master in all of us.

Mark your calendars for January 22nd and keep your eyes peeled for big things from both Satterberg Construction Corporation AND Satterberg Real Estate Group in 2016!