John B. Satterberg Jr.                     

President - Production Manager

Direct: 503.381.0553


Starting his career in building at a young age, John began working as a new construction property inspector for Community Financial Corporation with his learner’s permit at fifteen years old. His curious and ambitious personality drove him to start his own company in 2006. Motivated to raise the bar in construction, John’s vision of putting quality, character and livability above a quick turn around soon came to life with Satterberg Construction Corporation.

Earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Denver, John now handles project management and scheduling for Satterberg Construction Corporation. His love for providing custom spaces with personality continues to inspire each project he takes on. Laid back, communicative and able to spot quality work from a mile away, John is passionate about matching each client to their ideal home. With twenty years of experience in nearly every aspect of the industry, including superintendent and construction lender, John has a unique grasp on what it takes to create an unparalleled product from start to finish.


Brandy Hovie-Satterberg

Vice President -  Design Manager - Accounts Payable

Direct: 503.830.2155


With an epic go-getter attitude and an already impressive amount of house-savvy, Brandy joined forces with Satterberg Construction Corporation in late 2010 and has been dazzling new owners with her excellent design taste ever since. Partnering with John in building has allowed her to express and share her creative vision with the Portland housing community. Her keen eye for interior mastery became more apparent with each building project and is invaluable in both building homes and helping her real estate client’s stage their homes for sale.

Driven by numbers and big-picture thinking, Brandy now handles design and land acquisition for Satterberg Construction Corporation. Brandy is passionate about creating beauty, character and a high standard of excellence to each neighborhood she works in. Her genuine excitement about engaging in and enhancing the communities that Satterberg Construction Corporation takes on is evident in the quality of the finished project. Brandy is passionate about continuing to create spaces that are both functional and inspiring. 


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